Full Moon Hike 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Oct 11

October 11: Full Moon Hike on Cowel's Mountain
*Registration for our fall trips will open August 1st
Ever wanted to gaze upon the lights of San Diego at night? Ever had the desire to sip tea and munch on cookies on top of a mountain? Come join Great Escapes for an evening hike on October 11th. We will be heading to Cowles Mountain which sits only 20 minutes away from Loma! We will be hiking up in the dark, and should end up on top right as the full moon rises over the city. This trip is a great opportunity to see the city from a new perspective and get to know other students that enjoy hiking. Cowle's is a four mile hike involving some steep uphill, but can be done by any level of fitness.  We will be walking by head lamps so if you don't have one let us know! We would love to have you out there! Friends and family members of Lomalanders are all welcome to join in on the fun.

What to Bring

  • Warm layers (it's windy at the top)
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Comfy hiking or walking shoes

Price: $15.00

Available Spaces: 1

Rock Climbing 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Oct 18

October 18: Rock Climbing at Mission Gorge

*This trip is now CLOSED as all the spots have been filled. We have opened the registration backup for those who wish to be on the WAITLIST. Please click "register" below and enter your information and we will contact you if a spot opens.

6751421211_068dc8a9e7.jpgCome Join us at Mission Gorge, a favorite location of local San Diego climbers, for a great day of rock climbing. You do not need any previous experience to participate, this trip is a great way to lean a bit about climbing if you are interested or to just have fun in the outdoors. After a short hike to the climbing area and some basic instruction on safety and how to climb, we’ll spend the rest of the day climbing and hanging out. We will have a number of climbs set up with varying difficulty levels. 

*All technical equipment (harness, helmet, climbing shoes, etc) will be provided.


Price: $0.00

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Colorado River Canoe Weekend 8:00 am Oct 24 to 5:00 pm Oct 26

October 24-26: Colorado River Canoe Trip

This year we are spending Fall Break on the Colorado River on a three-day canoe and camping trip.What better way to relax then leaving school chaos and stress behind and floating down a beautiful river under the sun for a weekend? This is a trip for all levels of canoe-ers and several experienced guides will be leading the trip who are always ready to give assistance. Two days of canoeing will be complimented with one night spent at a campground and one night sleeping right on the river's shore.

What to Bring: 

1.   Sleeping Bag/Pad
2.   Clothes suitable for Car Camping & Canoeing
3.   Warm overnight Clothes/Jacket
4.   Flashlight or Headlamp
5.   Sunscreen, Lip Balm, & Hat
6.   Camera
7.   Sunglasses
8.   2 Full One-Liter Water Bottles
9.   Personal Toiletries, towel, etc…
10. Water Shoes (Sandals) and Hiking or Walking Shoes
11. Warm layers (The desert can get chilly at night, even in the summer.) 

  * We will supply tents and canoes. We can provide sleeping bags and pads for those
who need them. One-Liter water bottles and headlamps can be purchased in the ARC.

Price: $0.00

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Mountain Biking 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Nov 8

November 8: Mountain Biking at Lake Hodges
*registration for our fall trips opens on August 1st
Do you enjoy mountain biking? Do you want to try it for the first time? We welcome all ranges of experience as we head to Lake Hodges for a beautiful single track ride around the lake.
47225394We will be go over some basic mountain bike safety and practice some crucial skills including shifting and single-track trail riding skills. This will be a wonderful day of riding and enjoying a beautiful part of San Diego county.
** The price includes lunch for the day. You can register for discounted $5 extra to reserve a bike rental if you would like to borrow one of our brand new mountain bikes.



Price: $15.00

Available Spaces: 7

Overnight Joshua Tree Backpacking 7:00 am Nov 15 to 5:00 pm Nov 16

November 15-16: Overnight Backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park
*This trip is now CLOSED as all the spots have been filled. We have opened the registration backup for those who wish to be on the WAITLIST. Please click "register" below and enter your information and we will contact you if a spot opens!
After many requests, we added a backpacking trip last Spring and it was a huge success. So, we're going again this fall!

Early on Saturday, November 15th we will drive up into Joshua Tree and begin our backpack journey. We'll sleep in a backcountry spot amongst the rocks, having carried everything we could ever need or want in our backpacks with us. On Sunday we will make a hearty breakfast and hike out to an awaiting car. In total, over two days we will hike just under 10 miles. This might seem like a lot to some or not very many miles at all to others, but this trip is truly for everyone as we take our time to enjoy everything Joshua Tree has to offer and explore the famous Wonderland Rock ridge we are hiking through.

*We provide all backpacks, sleeping bags, food, etc. Anything you could possibly need, no previous experience with backpacking is required, but we welcome anyone of any experience to share in this great community of adventure minded people.



Price: $0.00

Available Spaces: Unlimited