Overnight Joshua Tree Backpacking 7:00 am Nov 15 to 5:00 pm Nov 16

November 15-16: Overnight Backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park
*This trip is now CLOSED as all the spots have been filled. We have opened the registration backup for those who wish to be on the WAITLIST. Please click "register" below and enter your information and we will contact you if a spot opens!
After many requests, we added a backpacking trip last Spring and it was a huge success. So, we're going again this fall!

Early on Saturday, November 15th we will drive up into Joshua Tree and begin our backpack journey. We'll sleep in a backcountry spot amongst the rocks, having carried everything we could ever need or want in our backpacks with us. On Sunday we will make a hearty breakfast and hike out to an awaiting car. In total, over two days we will hike just under 10 miles. This might seem like a lot to some or not very many miles at all to others, but this trip is truly for everyone as we take our time to enjoy everything Joshua Tree has to offer and explore the famous Wonderland Rock ridge we are hiking through.

*We provide all backpacks, sleeping bags, food, etc. Anything you could possibly need, no previous experience with backpacking is required, but we welcome anyone of any experience to share in this great community of adventure minded people.



Price: $0.00

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Wiley Hall Mud Caving Adventure: NOV 15-16 7:30 am Nov 15 to 3:00 pm Nov 16

To the MEN of Wiley Hall: Greetings!!

Here's a little more info about the "mud" caves, but keep an eye out in your E-mail about trip-specific details: These caves are a spectacular geological formation from sand and rain. Some caves are very small and involve hands and knees crawling, other caves are 1,000 ft long with rooms up to 80' high and 20' wide, even having multiple levels. These caves can be very deep and pitch black so a flashlight or headlamp is required for each person. The mud is all dried up, but the caves are pretty dusty on a normal day so be sure to bring your bandana to cover up your nose and mouth.

We will leave at 7:30am (you are than welcome to be early, but please don't be late!) in the ARC to make sure everyone has their gear! We'll load up into the vans and drive to Anza Borrego (approximately 2 hours) and enjoy a day getting dirty! Saturday night entails tons of food and camping overnight. In the morning, Julian Pie awaits! We should be back on Sunday afternoon around 3pm, if not earlier!

Here are the things that you need to bring:
- Sturdy shoes that are good enough to hike over varied terrain in, athletic shoes are fine.
- Water Bottle (Minimum 1 Liter, like a "Nalgene")
- Headlamp/flashlight
- Clothes that you can get dirty in! Pants are good so you don’t scrape up your knees
- A bandana to cover your mouth and nose in the caves
- A change of clothes for after we cave to camp in
- Gear that Great Escapes can provide if you do not have it yourself: sleeping bad/pad, headlamp, helmet


Price: $40.00

Available Spaces: 20